April 4

Would You Live In Our Community?

People would like to live in Clock Town because we are building new homes and many people are moving to our community. It is a fast growing town with primary schools and high schools. There is a kindergarten and a large park in the middle of the town. Clock Town also has a hospital.  There is a wonderful clock tower in the centre of town.

Town Planners – Hamza, Jason, Alex and Thomas

Happy Town is a great place to live because it has lots of houses that are colourful and make people feel happy to live there. Happy Town has a police station and a fire station. There is also good education facilities with a kindergarten, primary school and high school. There is a childcare centre for people who work to put their young kids. Happy Town has plenty of great shops and an amazing playground.

Town Planners: Anastasija, Phoebe and Cienna

Super Town is a great place to live because it is close to the beach. There is a great shopping centre. There is a playground for young kids and a skate park for teenagers and also basketball courts. The school is close to the homes so children can walk safely to school. Super Town has a hospital as well as a police station. It even has a farm that families can visit.

Town Planners: Zac, Zahra, Sophie

Weird Town is a wonderful place to live because it has a great primary school and high school. There is a library. The homes are modern with plenty of land. There are parks and playgrounds. It also has special shops such as an optometrist. The weather in Weird Town is always sunny.

Town Planners: Logan, Lauren and Cailin

People want to live in Talent Town because there are good schools. There are also lots of parks and gardens. It has emergency centres such as police, fire brigade and a hospital. Talent Town has everything you need. It even offers free houses for people who can’t afford to buy.

Town Planners: Mitchell, Haylie and Jennifer

People would want to live in Sunny Town because it gives lots of brightness to the world and it is a fun place to live. It has great shops such as EB Games. There is large undercover  shopping centre. There are plenty of trees that give shade in the parks.   Sunny Town also has a P-12 school.

Town Planners: Josh, Otis, Cordell, Vedant


March 28

Cross Country Fun

The wait was over … cross country day was finally here.

It was the perfect day. The sun was shining, the crowd was cheering and our excitement was overflowing.

Everyone of us showed persistence, resilience and personal strength as we completed the course. What a great achievement.

A special shout-out to Jason and Eleanor who were first across the line and also to Zahra, Sophie, Phoebe and Hamza for finishing in the top ten.

March 28


Premier’s Active April is an annual campaign that encourages Victorians to undertake 30 minutes of physical activity per day during April with the aim of incorporating physical activity into their ongoing daily routine. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to getting more people active and healthy.
If you would like your family to become involved in ‘Active April’, they can register for FREE at the website… https://www.activeapril.vic.gov.au/

Once you register, you can then join the BLPS team ‘Lodgers’. The team ID is lodgers

Start small – remember every little bit counts. It’s an easy way to kick start a healthier you!

March 20

CBA Start Smart Visit

We had a visit from Jules of the Commonwealth Bank who taught us about Australian currency. We learnt about the value of our notes and coins as well as the features on each. We realised that when we use a credit card, we are borrowing the money from the bank and that we have to pay it back by a certain date otherwise the bank will ask for some extra money.

We had to use our brains to order the money from the least to the most value.

We also learnt the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ and how it is important to SPEED TO YOUR NEEDS AND WAIT FOR YOUR WANTS.

We enjoyed the activity and had great fun pretending we were super heroes like Captain Cash.

March 13

A Walk to Wilson Botanic Park

On Thursday 21st February 2K and 2M walked to Wilson Botanic Park. Everyone was so excited. The park looked like a rainforest, it was so pretty. We saw some turtles and we went to the Hoo Hoo tower. We could see homes and the school. We had so much fun. We ate our lunch … mmm! Later we walked back to school. Yay, it was so much fun. We had an awesome time.

by Sophie

On Thursday 21st February we went to Wilson Botanic Park. We had a long walk and we were so tired. We took a photo. Then we walked to the glass where we saw some ducks and turtles. We took another photo. Next we went up to the playground and walked up the stairs again to the Hoo Hoo tower. We had a drink of water and went to the rainforest. We saw a little house and bridge.

by Phoebe


March 4

Fractions In Our Lunchbox

To help us understand about fractions we looked to see whether our sandwiches were divided into fractions. Some of us had sandwiches that were still WHOLE. Others had sandwiches that were cut into two equal parts or HALVES. Some of our sandwiches were divided into four equal parts or QUARTERS.

February 28

Learning to Learn

We started our year by thinking about ourselves as learners. We thought about what helps us to learn and some of the things that hinder us. We created our first learning map for the year which showed the people, places and tools that we use as we learn.

We shared our maps with our classmates and thought about something that we wanted to change about our learning and what we could do to make this change.