August 22

2K Shows Persistence

Persistence is one of the You Can Do It keys to success. We show persistence all the time. It is having a positive attitude even when something is hard. We try to keep going, encourage others and never give up. We know that sometimes it takes lots of practice to do some things but as long as we do our best and try our hardest then we will be successful.

We worked in groups to think about when we might show persistence and put our group ideas into our ‘2K Shows Persistence’ video.

August 19

Dressing Up For Book Week

Nearly all of us came to school dressed as our favourite book characters to celebrate book week. The theme of Book Week this year is ‘Reading Is My Super Power’. We had ninjas and super heroes as well as princesses, Hogworts students, unicorns, the scarf lady, a Gobbling Tree and even fancy Nancy.


August 16

BLPS Literature Festival – Andrew Plant

Andrew Plant was funny. He was an author before he became an illustrator. He told us that it is important to take time with illustrations and that sometimes it takes longer to do the illustrations than it does to write the story. Andrew told us it is OK to make mistakes as there is no such thing as being perfect. We loved listening to Andrew tell the story of Glitch. He showed us how to draw Glitch and add details in the background that relate to the story.

Eleanor, Zahra and Jennifer have a chat about Andrew Plant’s visit to our school as part of the Literature Festival and show our drawings of Glitch that we did on the day.

August 16

Dear Friend

I like my life.
How can life be better
People be better
No rude people
All people have friends
No poor people
No sick kids.

My life is a bit hard. I have friends.

I traveled from …. to Australia but was born in ….. inside the USA.

August 2

Water Walk

Have you ever wondered where the water sources are where you live?

We went on a water walk around  our school to find all the places where use find and use water. We were amazed at just how much water is used at our school.

We also saw the down pipes and the stormwater drains that took all our water away. It will eventually end up in the ocean which is why we shouldn’t litter our school ground.

July 31

Exploring Nature With Our Buddies

Planet Ark Day gave us an opportunity to meet with our 5C buddies. We walked around the school to have a close look at the trees and gardens. Some of the interesting things we spotted were gumnuts, animal holes, webs, insects, a bird’s nest, earthworms, interesting shaped leaves, moss, mushrooms and slimy earthworms.


July 31

Planting On Planet Ark Day

We got our green thumbs out on Planet Ark Day as we planted bean seeds to hopefully place in the community garden when they have grown. We also sowed dwarf beans that we will be able to take home. We need to make sure we look after them and give they what they need to grow.

July 31

Planet Ark Day

To celebrate National Tree Day we were encouraged to come to school dressed in green or in a costume made of recycled materials. We had a very busy day planting and exploring nature with our buddies.

July 23

Let’s Learn About Transport

In term 2 we learnt all about transport. We got a chance to do our first projects to show what we had found out. We got to choose a form of land, air or water transport and researched some interesting facts to share with the class. We presented our work on a poster and some of us even made a model.